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Super homes, super locations 

In the last 3 years, Hush have expanded their development portfolio to include Super Homes. Staying true to their original idea that only the best locations would do, Hush decided to acquire sites in London and the Home Counties. Their first key area has been the world famous St George’s Hill Estate near Weybridge Surrey – previously home to John Lennon, Tom Jones and Cliff Richard. St. George’s Hill is now one of the most sought after destinations to live outside of central London. Hush are now also working on potential projects in London W1, NW8 and N2.

Having seen a number of discerning clients acquire their newly built homes, only to pull them apart again, Hush decided to approach the development of Super Homes and indeed the sale of such, in a slightly different manner. The Hush project team design some of the most sophisticated and stylish new homes available in the UK today where every detail is considered and every elevation and floor plan critiqued. Hush then take their newly designed Super Home through the planning process to ensure that all the appropriate permissions are in place. Every aspect of the construction process is then reviewed and fully costed. A detailed build and finishing specification is then put in place along with a construction timetable ready for the project build team to commence as soon as their customers are ready.

Our customers then enter a very simple two stage process. Firstly, they acquire the land with all of the designs, plans and permissions in place. This also means our customers only pay Stamp Duty Land Tax on the Land purchase price which can equate to a substantial saving. Secondly, once they have secured the land, they can immediately give the green light to our project team to commence the build out of their new Super Home or, if they so choose, they can amend the plans or finishing specification prior to the commencement of the project. This allows each of our customers the opportunity to bespoke their new home to their own personal tastes and requirements, before any work has ever commenced.

Ian Hughes Managing Director of Hush Developments Special Projects quotes. ‘Our customers know that we only create our Super Homes in the very best locations. Our design team excel at creating many of the best contemporary Super Homes available on the market today. We also design homes for our customers in Classic and Traditional Styles which can now include every conceivable modern design feature, but always with that added twist.

Hush are currently looking to acquire land for new Super Home projects. Please see the Land Required section of our web site.


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"Set against a particularly challenging financial climate, Hush's professionalism, tenacity, and determination ensured that we achieved an excellent result. I have no doubt that, in more benign conditions, Hush and their clients will be the first to reap rewards".

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